Sonntag, 26. September 2010


i'm sad, my canon eos 1000N is ultimately not working has a sticky shutter, which means that you still hear the typical mirror-claps-down sound when you press the release button but the shutter does not open, the film transports and you have: half black (as you can see in the last photo posted) or, worse, no photo. and you will only learn about this when you pick up the developed negatives and they're empty...
i really liked this camera because i could use all my lenses from the digital canon, with the analogue one turning some of them into fisheyes and being really easy to use - maybe i'll buy a new one, they're all just about 15-20 euro on ebay but most of them suffer from the shutter-disease, too...
so now, farewell with some of my favorite photos taken with the eos 1000.

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